The Mill and The Golden Grey

At the moment the old mill is being restored. The other day we saw thatchers on the roof and many more things are going on inside. I think they are done in a couple of months. (This photo is a before-picture).

In Denmark, as in most western countries, the large generation born around 1940 is getting old now. The marketing industry like to see them as "the grey gold" because they are believed to be strong byers.. well here you can see a perhaps more unnoticed reason for a golden nickname - so many of them are doing a full time volunteer job in many corners of society today.

Marie - the last Miller of Tadre - was indeed "a golden grey" of her time - as she fought to preserve Tadre Mill for the next generations. She made it possible by selling the Mill to the danish government for a much smaller amount than she could have achieved from other byers. Furthermore she used the money to make a Tadre-foundation (scroll down to the blue area to find english text).

The films linked in this post are made by Ole Malling, a maker of many fine productions for Danish Ministry of Environment, Danish Television a.o. Malling Film.

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