Plastic Fantastic

These beads made a short comeback in our house recently.

After many days of coughing, feeling dizzy, rolled in a blanket on the couch, only one hand free because of the constant tea-sipping.. this project was a nice little distraction for the patients - and the rest of us.

I'm not so keen on plastic, but it can be fantastic :O)

(Lots of different plastic bead owls out there).

Update: I didn't know this, but we have in fact a real living owl called "Pearl Owl" in denmark - "perleugle" in danish. Known as Tengmalm's Owl in english.


Fine little cloud

Ceramic brooch made by Kylie Johnson . Found via decor8.
Grey sweater? - or thunder-blue? Purple.. pink?


Easy Rider

The sun is back - soo good!

I wonder how old this weathercock might be? And what it is meant to tell? Could it be the danish King Christian X on his white horse - celebrating the danish reunion in 1920?



Kauni - estonian yarn. This colorcombination (EH) is to me "scandinavian winter": The ice-covered fjord, the grey/blue skies, the withered grass and weed, the naked trees, bushes and fields. I have never been to Estonia, but I imagine these colors are also part of their winter-palette.

Another kauni-favourite of mine is EQ. It's amazing to see, what knitters make of this yarn.


New garden projects

On this first day of spring, maybe one should consider new outdoor ideas? :O) See more at For the Love of Type.

Minor exhibition

Small objects made of natures materials. Easy to empty and fill in new treasures from afar or from the evening walk ..

1: Birch bark - local forest.
2/9/20: Turned woodboxes - crafters shop, Sweden.
3: Porphyr stone - West Coast, Denmark.
4: Cones - Sweden.
5: Cone - Northern Portugal.
6: Weed ducks - made by my father, local fjord.
7/14: Turned woodtops - market at local Viking Ship Museum.
8/13: Birch bark stars - Granit shop, Sweden.
10/23: Sea shells - local fjord.
11: Star anise - local supermarket.
12: Glass - shaped by sand and sea, Bretagne, France.
15: Fossil - Gotland, Sweden.
16: Twig with reindeer lichen - Sweden.
17: Willow with catkins - very local :o)
18/22/24: Stone and sea shells - Wales.
19/21: Sea shells and porphyr stone - Bretagne, France.