Winter wanderings

Snowflakes in the air (not much on the ground) both saturday and sunday.

Long walks with friends and family - one along local fjord, another one along northern seaside - pretty stones in heavy pockets :)


Pimp your fridge or Plastic Fantastic #2

Do you sometimes come across a special plastic bag? One, so pretty, special or funny that you will use it again and again? Here is what we sometimes do with those bags:

1. Take beloved bag - here picturing Findus the swedish cat, invented by Sven Nordquist - and cut out illustration.

2. Wipe the backside with a damp cloth.

3. Place the illustration on the fridge (which should be clean and dry) and use the cloth to wipe from the middle of illustration in all directions. Done.

This idea comes from my grandmother. She used to do this in the seventies with art-bags from the danish food chain Irma.

To make people keep and use the plasticbags again and again (and to come shopping again), they asked a new artist every month to illustrate their plastic bags. So my grandmother had her own exhibition in the kitchen back then :)

Irma still makes art-bags. In 2010 Mia Villaume made a bag. I wouldn't mind having one of her paintings on my fridge.

Still there is the pollution aspect... even though this is an idea to re-use plasticbags, we shouldn't buy them at all.. I know. We try to use willowbaskets, and the plastic-bags we do have, are being used many times, but still..


Dog lover

Yes, I heart dogs and I heart "signs and wonders", so this is kind of double happiness :O)

(Seen near Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm).

Today you can find my mittens for Morran at Poppytalk.


2012 - take off

Christmas with family and friends allready long gone, only some nuts and the rest of the candle from Three Kings Day left. Hope you had a merry time!

Someone here got laser-surgery to change sight from +6 to 0! Amazing what can be done in 15 min. per eye!?. And then of course some days rest with sunglasses, painkillers and audiobooks. Being the one bringing sweets and fruit suits me fine. Think I'm a chicken when it comes to eye-surgery.