Signs and Wonders

Pharmacy of the Golden Elephant? .. without the pictures this would make me think of "The Blue Lotus" by Hergé :o)
But it is actually a Pharmacy in Krakow, Poland.

I love to spot signs and wonders like this one. Fine letters and interesting elephant. Little bit strange proportions, but definitely cute.


Birds flock

Look at this pattern! Isn't it cool?
I really love this! I had to go back and get a scarf a few days after I bought the shirt. The grey-blue version is my favourite.
Saint Tropez made it.

Someone thinks this pattern is completely overrated. It's time for the morning walk.. could we please get moving?


Four days of fog and a funny hat

Change of weather - four days of fog - grey, grey.. very special quiet atmosphere - like nature's waiting for something.. well probably for the snow to melt away, and so it has - almost.

I saw a colourful hat here and here and then I bought the pattern and had a lot of fun knitting during some of these dark evenings.


Chrisp and new

.. well, almost .. only 2 weeks gone, 50 more to come.

Happy New Year!


Christmas break

I hope you had a merry christmas too :0)