Yesterdays new snowfall

It's cold and pretty.
Snow on wood - old pear tree.
Snow on wood - neighbours swedish-red garage.
The fourlegged listening to friends barking from afar.
Leo - friend of fourlegged - maybe feeling a little cold?

Four Foxes

First fine silver and cobber fox-pins from Becky Crow, next an iron fox from somewhere around High Wycombe in England, and last our new brass door knocker from Antropologie.

I really like this door knocker - and it doesn't need batteries. You can find many other animal door knockers out there.



The invitations for the birthday party was made by me. It was a fun job.

Winters delight - the rosy-fingered dawn

.. fantastic expression by Homér.
One of the only things I remember from Latin-class in school, well there is also "Caput deponit", but that's another story :O)


Medieval Birthday

This weekend we celebrated my fathers 70th birthday with family and friends at Esrum Abbey in Grib Skov (big forest). We had a nice medieval christmas buffet and then explored the place.

My father was brought up near by, both his father and grandfather and several of their brothers were working in the forest. For a few winthers he and his younger brother helped carrying firewood for a fine old lady, who lived in the remains of the abbey.

The place was founded in 1151 as a cistercian abbey by archbishop Eskil. It became the biggest cistercian abbey in the Nordic Countries. Nowadays it's a museum. It's a fine place for a picnic in summer as well.


Fading November

The last bit of November. It's been white for several days now, and more snow should come in the next days. We already have 35 cm! This nights temperature: -12 celsius.

It's about time to start hibernate.



Oh, I just saw this.
Raw, airy and fine at the same time. So beautiful! Made by ileaiye

The Nurse

Some of the two-legged in this house are having a really bad cold. Lots of tea and drops, movies and books are being consumed. The four-legged nurse is very serious about her job. Can you feel her healing power?   



Ganadian Goldenrod - Canadisk Gyldenris in danish. This prairie-plant is apparently invading Denmark. It's ancestors have seen indians and buffaloes. It's pretty in winterdress, I think.

Have a nice weekend.

GRANIT(e) - a shop that rocks :O)

Do you know the swedish shop GRANIT? My sister showed it to me last year, when we were on a family-female-Malmö-raid around christmas. Granit is filled with basic things for homes - pure and simple like the things above - kind of little-ikea in black and white, prices a little higher. It's almost therapeutic to find supply here, I think. Granit also has more special things like the birch-boxes.



Dark day - seen from my working space. I don't mind the short days and the deep blue twilight this time of year. You get many fabulous morning skies and afternoon sunsets in return. And my brain works much faster in cold weather :o)


Flying November

It's a windy day, clouds are passing by in high speed, the air is filled with flying leaves.


Cool Alligator Knit

Last autumn I made some alligator scarves - green and purple. It was fun and not as difficult as I thought (good pattern). I think, I'll make one more for a secret christmas gift..
I got the pattern from Morehouse Farm.
Check out the wild knits in the critter-section.


The Potato Holiday

We didn't grow any potatoes this year, but the carrots and beetroots are up and safe. Small but good supply :O)
And a small but good trip to Ringsjön, Sweden:


Backyard Office

This cool backyard office is designed by Piet Hein Eek. See more at Design Milk.


De tre Bukke Bruse - Three Billy Goats Gruff

A local gang hanging out early in the morning,
enjoying some juicy grass :o)


Wild Letters

The swedish artist Magnus Lönn has made these wonderfull letters. The exibition is called "Undrien" and in october you can find it at Landskrona Museum.
I like letters - both the wild ones made with hammer and saw, and the more domesticated digitalised ones made with vectors on a screen.



Dark autumn day, near the harbour in Torekov, Sweden.
This verdigris-sea-monster probably scares other monsters to stay put in the sea.



Plum Victoria.


Misty Morning

Autumn is my favourite season.
The misty mornings, dusk with candlelights, big woolly sweaters, blackberries and pears..


The Result of a Stormy Night?

No, it's the work of Patrick Dougherty. See his webpage here, and more photos of his work here.
Photographer of this photo: Larry Gregory 
Update: It must be a GAPAHUK-village :O)


Evening Walk...

... in the fields. Now there will probably be some weeks with stubble fields around here. Great time to see your village from a different view, and to go search for mice. Where did they go?

Indian Summer Crocket

I love playing with the colours crocketing these granny squares. All the loose ends to be fixed.. that's another story. I can't manage to get them all done while crocketing, and i'm not very patient, so this will be a not so big - but really fun to make - blanket :o)
The yarn is from Holst Garn mixed with some leftovers.



One should not harm a living tree. However this beech seems to be fine and strong and fully recovered from its duck-tattoo.


Teema Mug 0,30 L

Do you know Teema mug 0,30 L?

I think it is probably the best mug ever made.. classic, basic. It was designed by Kay Franck.


Outdoor Graphics

Weathercocks - here a pheasant-cock. I like this kind of outdoor graphics, but do not have one at my roof yet. Do you?