In a crack

Something disturbed the nutcracker..


Knitting mikado

New tools.

I have been looking for wooden double pointed needles for some time. 

These are a little rough to begin with, but knitting soon makes them smooth - and darker. (You can see which needles have all ready been used for a pair of fingerless mittens).

Organic wood, comes in 10, 15 and 20 cm lenghts - (mine 15 cm) - found here.


Glimpses of summer 2012..

We had a cold july followed by a warmer august - almost no mosquitoes (due to the cold?) - enjoyed the best strawberry harvest ever - saw family and friends - travelled north to Sogn and Telemark - saw a raven at close range - ate wafflers with cloudberries - celebrated a golden anniversary couple and some birthday people - took a few beach swims - had "some" ice cream - and made a late summer trip to Aarhus - (beside the usual household and everyday survival stuff).

So many good days to be grateful for.

- and then, at the end of summer the best thing happened, this tiny and very sweet niece arrived! ♥ 


Hidden in the darkness

It was around midnight, we were on our way home and in a sharp turn just south of our village the badger passed us. Maybe on her way to forage for food, meeting friends in the meadow nearby?

I know they are supposed to be here, but this meeting makes me think of them. Good to know someone is actually living a badger-life in the dark nights around here.

Badger of honor? Given for outstanding nightlife? ;O) Badger pillow looks soft,
and a famous badger - have been read to "bits-and-pieces" in this house.