December dawn

.. two days ago. I love these cold dark mornings, when the sun rises - very promising for the day. Today is warmer with cloudy skies, but it's ok. So much christmas travel, just good with no iced roads.

This christmas calender might inspire for tomorrows dancing around the tree? :O)

I found the link at puhti's blog.



.. jærv? Yes I think so. (Not the comic superhero, that is).

And so pretty colors in old Fredrikstad..

We made a stop here during our autumn-trip.

It seems they have a cozy christmas market too - one more reason to stop by again some time.


Unplugged christmas pause

Maybe you also need a little time out?

Easy dinner: Hot tea and a good bread (buy it - you can bake some other time) and a few favorite toppings like cheese, ham and tomatoes or something.

Cozy christmas books (maybe you have some stacked away in a corner - if you can't find them, get some at the library - they have displayed all their christmas books this time of year). Actually any book that you love will do!

Put up tired feet and have a break.

(Illustration by Harald Wiberg - one of my personal favorite illustrators).


Building supplies

The last of our old larch trees was taken down this week. This one was tilting rather strangely so this very skilled guy did the job.

We have had some.. ahem.. interesting experiences taking the others down with family and neighbours help - luckily it went well.

Now we have a huge supply of fine cones :)