Midsummer's Eve

Windy evening - but sunny, so ok for a little picnic.

Driving home in the brightest night, so many bonfires along the fiord. You can smell the smoke everywhere -  probably most of Scandinavia is wrapped in it. 


.. lost the last two posts while rearranging a bit in here.. anyway, here is the most important part:


The forest comes closer

In a radius of about 15 km from here three new forests are growing fast - this time of year you can almost hear them grow.

This area with mostly rich soil has been farmland for a very long time, but because of a national afforrestation plan this is now changing - well at least a minor change since these new woods are small - about 2-300 ha. each.

Trees instead of e.g. intensive wheat means better protection of drinking water and making room for larger biodiversity - and besides all that I love trees and I envie them norsemen and swedes a little bit for having all those trees.. :O)

This new forest is placed partly on an old gravel pit. I wonder if this is somewhat similar to how things looked after the last ice age?