November storm

After a quiet, warm and misty november we finally had a stormy weekend. So this morning the air was fresh and clear ..ah!

Even though we have some large trees near the house, the only damage was the old broken owl box, which fell down. So now noone has to climb up and get it - sometimes it's good to be lazy :O)



I love the bear paw door handle - and the fact that both handles follow the concept of their shops.

I don't really know Naturkompaniet, but the game shop is worth a visit if you like to play.. dice in any color, shape and size, puzzles, boomerangs, chess, munchkin etc.


Vikings everywhere

I see vikings everywhere these days..

New stamp - one of four in a "winter collection", made by Claus Bigum,

Bjorn Brownbeardson made by Sandra Monat , Herzensart.

 .. and finally these cowboy-vikings made some new music. YES!! One of the new numbers, and some old ones: I'm sleeping my day away, Grow or pay.

All these vikings - not so bad on a cold and dark november day.

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I needed a little bit of extra yarn to complete something, but somehow seven extra skeins came along.. still I find it rather modest :)

I like the idea of this place - more than 100 colors, smallest quantity 25 g - it's so nice when you have an idea about a certain shade of green, grey or whatever..

Still I love my local yarnshop - always good advice and beautiful yarn - so better support her by buying some yarn soon ;O)


In a cloud

..or when pumpkins turn seriously evil.


Morran Mittens

Last night I sent my contribution to Camilla Engmans open call on portraying Morran. I have the feeling this cool dog might become the most illustrated dog ever?

I hope that Studio Morran will show the collection of "Morran Films" again - my favourite is the one, with a very big bag of "pillow-stuffing" and Morran doing all the hard work emptying it.. :O)