The Result of a Stormy Night?

No, it's the work of Patrick Dougherty. See his webpage here, and more photos of his work here.
Photographer of this photo: Larry Gregory 
Update: It must be a GAPAHUK-village :O)


Evening Walk...

... in the fields. Now there will probably be some weeks with stubble fields around here. Great time to see your village from a different view, and to go search for mice. Where did they go?

Indian Summer Crocket

I love playing with the colours crocketing these granny squares. All the loose ends to be fixed.. that's another story. I can't manage to get them all done while crocketing, and i'm not very patient, so this will be a not so big - but really fun to make - blanket :o)
The yarn is from Holst Garn mixed with some leftovers.



One should not harm a living tree. However this beech seems to be fine and strong and fully recovered from its duck-tattoo.