Fading November

The last bit of November. It's been white for several days now, and more snow should come in the next days. We already have 35 cm! This nights temperature: -12 celsius.

It's about time to start hibernate.



Oh, I just saw this.
Raw, airy and fine at the same time. So beautiful! Made by ileaiye

The Nurse

Some of the two-legged in this house are having a really bad cold. Lots of tea and drops, movies and books are being consumed. The four-legged nurse is very serious about her job. Can you feel her healing power?   



Ganadian Goldenrod - Canadisk Gyldenris in danish. This prairie-plant is apparently invading Denmark. It's ancestors have seen indians and buffaloes. It's pretty in winterdress, I think.

Have a nice weekend.

GRANIT(e) - a shop that rocks :O)

Do you know the swedish shop GRANIT? My sister showed it to me last year, when we were on a family-female-Malmö-raid around christmas. Granit is filled with basic things for homes - pure and simple like the things above - kind of little-ikea in black and white, prices a little higher. It's almost therapeutic to find supply here, I think. Granit also has more special things like the birch-boxes.



Dark day - seen from my working space. I don't mind the short days and the deep blue twilight this time of year. You get many fabulous morning skies and afternoon sunsets in return. And my brain works much faster in cold weather :o)


Flying November

It's a windy day, clouds are passing by in high speed, the air is filled with flying leaves.


Cool Alligator Knit

Last autumn I made some alligator scarves - green and purple. It was fun and not as difficult as I thought (good pattern). I think, I'll make one more for a secret christmas gift..
I got the pattern from Morehouse Farm.
Check out the wild knits in the critter-section.