Anna Ancher x 2

Last week we went with some family to see a current exhibition of Anna Ancher's paintings at Arken Museum. I love her light, colors and the scenes of every day life. My youngest couldn't join us, because of a school camp. So yesterday she and I went to see the paintings - me for the 2nd time. Lucky me!


Green evening

Since the shortest day in december the daylight has grown with more than nine hours! So this spring evening is bright and green, but also cold and stormy. The furry friends don't mind, but I know someone who will light a fire in the stove and make some tea.

The frail aquilegias are pretty tough and seem all right in this stormy evening. Seeds from my great grandmothers garden. I never knew her, but I love her flowers.


The blanket

Small granny-square-blanket done.


This last sign from the easter-trip might not have fancy swirls, but it's fascinating anyway..


The cousin

How can they close the door and play wii without howling, snapping, jumping dogs in the middle? You can tell who is used to this kind of behavior, and who is not :O)

Fourlegged "cousin" Anton is staying with us for a little while.


Swirls and gold

- cool door handles! I like the coordination with the hanging sign above the shop.

Some signs and wonders from Goslar.


During easter we went to the Harz Mountains in Northern Germany. It was warm and sunny, with lots of good footpaths in the mountains, medieval market in Goslar and witches gathering for the annual Hexentanz at Brocken.

Mining activity for about thousand years - most important the silver. Among others: Slate, which is all over the place. So many roofs and often whole buildings covered with slate-tiles. Like the skin of a dragon :O)