Easter Egg Rolling

Soon it will be time for easter egg rolling. The real experts are concerned about boiling-time, layers of paint and maybe coating with nailpolish - ensuring eggs to survive the downhill-race..

These photos are from last year, - the sunshine gave a fine opportunity for a different family-photo.

Happy Easter!


Pig in Space

I like how the rust creates an illusion of mud.
A real free range sow :O)


Speaking of mittens..

A little while ago, I made a pair of mitered mittens to go with the hat - and then one more hat.


Awesome Magpie Mittens

The magpies are skydiving and having fun outside - not minding the fourlegged garden patrol. I think they can feel spring around the corner.

I saw some really awesome magpie mittens here, the pattern is made by Yarnjungle. Soo fine! I'm not an experienced selbuvotte knitter, but these mittens make me want to try. At least I have a whole spring and summer.