Anyone mentioned the word "walk"?

Ok, white easter is not so bad after all.. and spring must be just around the corner.


White Easter?

It's been snowing on and off for days now. Tiny flakes, but still they make the landscape blurred and turn the world white again. I like snow and cold winter, but really.. it's almost Easter.. yes an early Easter, I know.

This is the hill where we use to roll eggs. And the same hill another Easter (April that year) with the first "eggs-perts" arriving.

.. and the view from the top.

Maybe we have to arrange a snow-egg-race with small slopes this year?


Nålebinding / Nalbinding

Yesterday we made a small family-female-trip to Nordatlantens Brygge in Copenhagen,  joining a two hour introduction to Nalbinding.

It was a bit difficult, in fact I must admit my attempts were most tangled, and I didn't really get the hang of it until late afternoon today, when I watched this several times.

Anyway it was an interesting and fun Sunday afternoon, with about 50 concentrated and giggling women (and one man) trying to learn this ancient craft.

Nordatlantens Brygge is organizing several nordic-fiber-craft talks/introductions during the year on top of their old warehouse in the harbour.


The mutating flu

This winters flu is not an easy one. Seems it's mutated and can come back..

In this house some had it before the winter break - one during - and then it came back to those who already "enjoyed" it in beginning of february. So this weekend was spent under woolen blankets, drinking lots of tea again and watching old movies like this one:

Actually I think this movie is a healing kind of movie.. he, he.


Dog with a view

Dogs heaven :)

How did he get up there? Hidden ladder behind the garden wall?
Very curios old guy, with a friendly bark every time we passed below his paws.


Streets of Valletta

Same longitude - different latitude.

Must be cool to drink your morning coffee in here :)
..café with a "walk in humidor"..


Blue as february

Frosty dawn once again - so pretty!
Time for carnival - and carnival buns :O)

I love this blue color and the combination blue/brown - another color-fix.


Hønsestrik ~ Chicken Knit

Emerged in the early seventies, as part of the protests of 1968.
A sort of left-wing-political-free-style-knit where you would not let anyone (knitting industry/society) dictate pattern, colors or yarn anymore.

This was the beginning of a time with very colorful knitting. Motifs found worldwide in folk art: Ancient inka art mixed with simple cross stitch and old norwegian knitting designs.

In 1973 the first book about "Chicken Knit" was published by Kirsten Hofstätter - the prime mover of this new knitting movement.

When Kirsten Hofstätter first asked the publisher Red Rooster (Røde Hane) if they would publish what she called "The knitting Manifesto", they turned her down, since they did not find the subject serious in political contexts. She then started her own company - and named it a bit ironic - Chicken Publish (Hønsetryk) and the book was called Chicken Knit. (68 more books were published by Chicken Publish).

This christmas my father gave me a copy of the 2nd book. I sure can feel chicken knit coming :O)


In the narrow streets..

.. of Copenhagen inner city, beside the old tower of Sct. Nicolai Church,

- you find this shop where I sometimes buy a little supply.

I love the art nouveau lettering at the old front - another "sign and wonder". Wise thing to carve the letters in stone, that is probably the reason why they are still there.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .