When books were new and a bit frightening

Have been busy lately..

The other day I was going through old e-mails to find some work images. On my way I came across this norwegian video sent to me by my sister, who was studying in Tromsø back then.

 (Danish subtitles can be found here).


Extraordinary wednesday mini excursion

Yesterday my neighbour invited me to join her on a little trip to a magic yarnshop she recently discovered. No hesitation :O) - and after a 15 min drive we reached Louise Hardens shop. Magic place indeed. Lovely yarn, models and very skilled help.

Over time you get a sort of personal-map showing special places like a fine path with blue anemones in the spring, pancake-café near lake a.s.o. This is a new spot for my personal map. Thanks for showing, Kim!

Firmly planted

Helps you stand tall.

It's been rough and rather windy this last week.


The Wren

Gærdesmutte in danish = "stone-fence-slipper" :o)

Tiny bird with remarkable song - easy to recognize because of it´s opright tail. Two cold winters have reduced number of wrens in Denmark - hope this rather warm winter will help them make comeback.

Thanks to this blogger, I found my way to a very fine piece of wren. Together with a candle or two it makes a fine little gift.