Colorful afternoon break

Close family expecting a new member .. nice opportunity to knit small items :o)

I love this magic yarn and how well it goes with my pear and mug. I find much everyday-pleasure in colors. I get a little "high"seeing unexpected combinations like a well known stamp in new colors. A bit odd perhaps, but maybe you know that feeling?

This post made me think about the constant joy of colors.


Do you fancy old cross stitch patterns?

I do. If you do too, you should go here soon, Korsstyngsbolaget has a give-away coming up tomorrow. You can win their newest collection of old swedish cross stitch patterns called "Beings".

Britta Johanson is the woman behind Korsstyngsbolaget - Cross stitch publishing.

She has made 11 books with pattern collections! I want them all :O)

Frosty mist


A round shelf ??

Sounds crazy - looks very nice. Made by Inga Sempe.
Found via Lotta Agaton.


February fibers

Long to-do-list for today. But then.. when the moon rises and the temperature drops even further, it's time for yarn and hot tea.